How to Bulk Create Pinterest Content

How to mass-produce Pinterest content to skyrocket your traffic.

How to streamline content creation for your product.

Thomas Halbritter


Thomas Halbritter

Thomas Halbritter


I am betting heavily on Pinterest for 2024.

But why?

Because it’s underrated.

  • 80% of users purchased through Pinterest

  • Users come to buy or learn

  • Not that saturated

Here is my strategy so far:

Volume is key.

I posted 200+ in my first month alone.

And now results are slowly compounding.

But does posting this much not take way too much time?


I built high-quality templates and systems and by repurposing posts, I can create one month of content in just a few hours.

Since Pinterest is image-based you can just change the background color and it counts as a new post.

I built a solution for this which allows me to create multiple variations in minutes.

Social media content creation system is included in our Social Media Kit.

Click here to get access so you can start saving hours creating content.

Pinterest has a ton of potential.

And I think almost every business should look into it.

The beginning is tough but it gets easier over time.

That’s why I created a content assembler to make it as smooth as possible.

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