How to Build a Strong Personal Brand on X in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Discover how to build a personal brand on X / Twitter. This is the most powerful social media marketing approach for solo founders and bigger institutions in 2023.

Oct 22, 2023

Growing your personal brand is one of the most valuable things you can do in 2023. It's by far my marketing social media marketing approach for online businesses. And it's completely free.

  • Grow your business faster

  • Build authority within your niche

  • Leverage your business tasks by creating content

Personal brands are the secret of how some SaaS, productized service agencies, and start-ups scale to 6-figures profit without spending a dime on advertising.

I started growing my personal brand 6 months ago. X / Twitter is an amazing platform for this. Here is everything I've learned.

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Before You Start Creating Content

First, make sure to nail the foundation before you start publishing anything.

Content Alignment

Before you start creating content make sure to create an IFP (ideal follower persona).

  1. Do audience research.

  2. Identify customer goals and pain points.

  3. How can you solve their pain points with your content?

Make sure to write about one niche topic that is aligned with your product.

Profile Optimization

Your profile is like a landing page. Make sure it's optimized for high conversions (profile visits => followers).

Profile Picture: Clean picture of your face with a neutral background.

Banner: Tell people what to expect in one simple sentence.

Bio: Answer the following questions.
• What does your reader get from your content?
• What do you do?
• Why should they listen to you (add social proof)?
Example: Showing you how to create content that converts. Quit my 9-5 to write online. Scaled my personal brand into a 7-figure business.

How to create a X bio with a high conversion rate

Username: I recommend using your full name or simply combining your name with what you do. Avoid numbers and other distractions.

Pinned post: Be authentic by sharing the story of how you ended up doing what you are doing or create authority by sharing a success story or a high-value post.\**

Creating your profile is a never-ending process. Iteration is key.

Content Creation for Your Personal Brand

Creating high-quality content is the best way to scale your personal brand on X.

The most important thing is that your content is skimmable and not boring. Write good hooks since they create 80% of the results. Always choose clear over clever. Don't confuse your reader.

Content Strategy

Your content should be aligned with your niche and ICP. This helps with increasing your ROI and building an engaged audience.

Make sure you always analyze what is working for you. Double down on what's creating results. Make data-driven content decisions with this free content tracker. Get it here.

Notion Content Tracker for X

The following strategy is just a suggestion. It depends on many aspects. But I like the following one since it allows me to reach more people while having high conversion rates.

  1. Short and relatable one-liner.

  2. "Viral" short-form post (transformation or story).

  3. Value-packed long-form post.

Short-Form Content

Viral short-form content is the best way to get new followers. Content that is constructed to go viral allows you to reach more people.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Share your results.

  2. Share a contrarian take.

  3. Share a short personal story.

  4. Compare your progress to 6 months ago.

Long-Form Content

Your short-form content is for reaching new people. Your long-form content is for making conversions.

Your posts should be:

  • Full of value.

  • Easily readable.

  • Have a visceral opening.

  • Have an actionable call to action.

The Secret to Growing Faster: Use Visual Content

Visual content is the best. Here are just some benefits.

  • Easier to read

  • Improved engagement

  • High conversion rate

  • Increased memorability

  • Makes the reader stop scrolling

Learn how you can boost your engagement by 2.7 times here.

This Is Necessary for Building an Audience


Creating amazing content is just one piece of the puzzle. Engaging with your dream audience is the key to growth.

  • Make a list with 100 creators that have your dream audience

  • Engage with them daily (30-50 comments per day)

Make sure you focus on writing meaningful and valuable replies. The goal is to generate profile visits. Also, be social and nice since it's a social media platform. It's literally in the name.

Do this and you will see results. When starting out it is even more important.


I can't emphasize it enough but show up every day. I never missed a day and it's starting to pay off. Consistency is key.

Additional Tips

Email List

You don't own your audience. That's why it's important to create an email list as early as possible to minimize platform risk. This is even more important if your whole business depends on your X audience.


Repurposing content is your friend if you run out of ideas. You can repurpose everything (blog posts, newsletters, old posts).

Whenever you work on something, simply share it in a way that is not boring.

Engaging > Content

When starting out engaging on X is way more important than creating content. You are posting into the void since you don't have an audience. Make sure to get some eyeballs on your stuff by engaging a lot. It is literally linked to audience growth.

Use Visuals

Boost your engagement with scroll-stopping visuals. It's the best way to create exciting content. Find out more here.

Don't Give Up

Be patient and do not quit. Give it at least 6 months before you draw a conclusion. If things aren't working then take a step back and analyze what more successful people are doing differently. Always adapt. Track your content and double down on what's working.


Do this for 180 days:

  • Engage daily

  • Create high-quality content

  • Analyze your approach and adapt accordingly

You will see some results.

Building an audience takes time. But it will be worth it.

Thank you for reading. Follow me on X if you find this valuable.

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We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Find out more on how we use cookies in our privacy policy.

We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Find out more on how we use cookies in our privacy policy.


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